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Noah's Update

Noah was seen at the Shriner's Hospital in Greenville, SC in November. The doctors there are wonderful, they truly made me feel at ease with the decision to amputate. My husband and I are chosing amputation over lengthening more for the quality of life that we want Noah to have. Leg lengthening is said to be a hard process for any child to endure and the possibility of having to amputate as an end result is high. I understand my son could keep his own leg and look "normal" however Im confident that the sooner we amputate the sooner he can begin living his life as any child would.

Our boy with PFFD

Noah, our son, is just over 2 months old and has been diagnosed with PFFD and fibular hemimelia. My husband and I were terrified to find out something was wrong with him the day he was born. After the appointment with the orthopedic, David and I are optimistic that Noah will be able to live a "normal" life. We have joined the site in hopes to connect with other families dealing with PFFD.

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