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My e-mail friend Julia

Hello everybody,

I want to share some more pictures of my e-mail friend Julia.

The pictures show that one can be a strong, confident and beautiful person in spit of having a handicap like PFFD

Regards, Steph.

My e-mail friend Julia

I want to tell you about my E-mail friend Julia.

I am writing this short story to all parents that have emotional problems with the PFFD condition of their child. Dear parents, let your child grow up as it is born and let them decide for themselves what they want as treatment when they are grown ups.

Im am e-mailing to her for many years, She does not want to publish on this site herself but she allowed me me to tell her story.


I forgot to attach pictures of how I look nowdays.


Bilateral PFFD

I am a 38 year old woman with bilateral pffd. Both are Aitken class D
My legs have about the same length.
When I was four my parents decided that I had to have rotation surgery on both legs so that I could wear prosthesis. After the operation my legs and feet stopped growing and my shoe size is still a 12, 5 childs zize.

Unfortunally I did never succeed in using the prosthesis becaue I have no hip I decided to walk on my natural feet. I have a very waddling gait but that is not a problem for me.
I can walk short distances in and around the house without support. Outside I walk with two short crutches or use a wheelchair.

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