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Fighting For A Dream!! (For anyone who needs a pick me up)

Hey, My name is Megan Miner....I wrote my story about 3 years ago when I joined and decided it was time to re visit this site and update yall on all the exciting stuff thats happened to me since i left yall for about 2 years. For those who don't know my story, I'll give you the cliff notes version. I am bilateral, class D. When I was a little, the doctors wanted to amputate both of my feet and one doctor Dr. Tosi refused. She said she had a gut feeling that if she moved the mucsles around in my feet that maybe something extrodinary could come out of it.

My Life with PFFD

Hi Everyone! :)
My name is Megan Miner. I am 19 years old and i have PFFD, but my twin sister Katie doesn't. I have no idea what class i am, but i definitely know i have PFFD! lol! My mom has always been very supportive and always treated me and my sister as equals. I was raised just like any other kid. My mom is pretty much my hero. Im a VERY outgoing person who LOVES to have fun with all my friends. Everywhere i go.. people know me, call out my name and give out hugs!
I can walk... but i have a wheelchair only for school, the mall, and long distances.

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