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Picture Birth Year Personal information: City Personal information: Country Gender idsort icon PFFD Information: PFFD Treatment PFFD type PFFD Information: Aitken Classification Paley Classification State Zip Code
1989 male Adams Mom Lengthening Unilateral
Sept. 14, 2004 female addysmom Too early to decide Unilateral C
aib's picture
2008 aib None Bilateral D
2008 usa male Ana Too early to decide Unilateral pa 17104
November 19,2007 male Angelflower Extension Prosthesis (no amputation) Unilateral D Illinois
18 junio Elche (Alicante) Spain asirser Too early to decide Unilateral A 03203
Amboy aunthelper 61310
1999 Pierce City, Mo. United States male Barbara Lawrence Amputation with Extenstion Prosthesis Bilateral C Missouri 65723
2004 Marion baumhover Too early to decide Unilateral C IA 52302
2001 male bensmom Van Ness Rotation Unilateral D
2004 female Beth Reinert Lengthening Unilateral - 1(b) NJ
2006 Liverpool, Merseyside UK female bettyboo Extension Prosthesis (no amputation) Unilateral - L38 0BL
2007 Morristown bjobe Too early to decide Unilateral C 07030
1973 Cedar Falls bowhunter73 Van Ness Rotation Unilateral - Iowa 50613
2004 Nanaimo Canada Brandy Too early to decide Bilateral BC V9T65
2004 Trion United States male bryant Lengthening Unilateral C GA 30753
1971 female carikube Moseley PFF Device Unilateral C
2007 milledgeville cassidy Amputation with Extenstion Prosthesis Unilateral C 31061