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Picture Birth Yearsort icon Personal information: City Personal information: Country Gender id PFFD Information: PFFD Treatment PFFD type PFFD Information: Aitken Classification Paley Classification State Zip Code
2008 usa male Ana Too early to decide Unilateral pa 17104
2008 Ocean male sturian Too early to decide Unilateral A NJ 07712
JamieBier's picture
2008 Union female JamieBier Lengthening Unilateral A NJ 07083
MariaSM's picture
2008 Red Oak male MariaSM Extension Prosthesis (no amputation) Unilateral 75154
dylansmom's picture
2008 Oklahoma City male dylansmom None
tmorrow's picture
2008 Splendora female tmorrow Shoe Lift / Unconventional Prosthosis Bilateral Texas 77372
aib's picture
2008 aib None Bilateral D
2009 Harrisburg female pursuejesus Too early to decide Unilateral PA 17018
W yz Mom's picture
2009 Detroit USA male W yz Mom Too early to decide Unilateral MI 48223
2009 Ooltewah, TN United States maryjane280 Too early to decide Unilateral C - TN 37363
2009 Decin male Martin Lengthening Unilateral C
2010 Cedar Rapids male cosmocaroline Lengthening Unilateral 1(b) 52402
2010 Odense Denmark Stormen Too early to decide Unilateral - -
2012 Swindon female Gracesdad Too early to decide Bilateral SN3 3DD
2013 houston female EricaR Too early to decide tx 77520
OliwiaPukas's picture
29.03.2010 Lublin, Poland OliwiaPukas Lengthening Unilateral - 1(b) 20-819
31/12/1959 Dundalk Republic of Ireland Ray Nixon None Bilateral none
YvoDivoDiNozzo's picture
31/12/1987 Edinburgh Scotland YvoDivoDiNozzo Extension Prosthesis (no amputation) Unilateral
chezzasmom's picture
8/20/2009 St. Louis female chezzasmom Too early to decide Unilateral Missouri 63116
August 9, 2008 Middletown United States female Emilys Mom Too early to decide Unilateral - Connecticut 06457