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Tema is doing well

My son Tema was born with PFFD on the left leg. Prosthesis is only one way at present. Our first and second prosthesises were made in Germany by Dr. Nader and Spoerer.

This is the first:

This is the second:

Tema is doing well with this prosthesises about a year and a half:

Very thanks to Dr. Nader and Spoerer. Tema is very active child. We are already playing football.


Thank you so much for these pics!

My daughter is 4 years old and is struggling with a cumbersome 10cm shoe lift - I hope our orthotists in Sout Africa can do something similar.
Morgan's mom
Charne Gardiner

he is walking so great! That's fantastic! I wish they were able to do something like that when I was a kid. I had an extension brace made of steel and leather straps that was horrible. Thank you for the video! It almost made me cry to see a little guy that small moving so well. He's going to do just fine in life. You must be so proud of him.

Our son Benito was born with PFFD on the right leg and will also be treated by Dr. Nader in the future. Benito's prosthesis was done by Pohlig but it looks veery much like Tema's. I'm really impressed by Tema's progress. When did he get his first prosthesis? Benito is 1,5 years old now and receive his first prosthesis in May.

Best wishes!