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Brandi 9yrs

Hello Everyone I would just like to say 1st how excited I am to have come across this website with all this information. I have been on line for about 2 hours reading these stories that I had no idea were even out there! I am completely Amazed. My daughter Brandi is 9 yrs old and was diagnosed with PFFD when she was six months old. I was playing with Brandi on the floor and was looking at legs and discovered that one of her legs were longer then the other.. The 1st thing I did was call my mother and because I was so over protected of my children, my mother thought I was seeing things along with everyone else. I immediately made and emergency appointment at my pediatricians office to bring her in and get checked out.. My pediatrician 1st response to me was laughter. She also thought I was crazy and was annoyed the I had made and emergency appointment for this.. With that I did not care what anyone thought and clearly knew that was something wrong with my baby girl. My Dr did everything to prove me wrong and I mean trying to pull the legs together so that she can say that they were the same size.finally she realized that there was a problem. So a long story short my husband and I took our daughter to just about every orthopedic surgeon in NJ and known knew what it was and some said just to leave it alone and she will grow into it. After the way my pediatrician treated me the way she did, i decided that i would go another one for I did not feel comfortable with them at all. When went to my new Dr they right away sent me to CHOP where we saw Dr Davidson and he knew within 15min what was wrong with our daughter. From that moment on we never stop seeing Dr Davidson and his team. Brandi has had no surgeries yet and most likely going to start them this year. Bran is about 2 inches different in one leg and wears a lift on her shoe. She has had a completely normal child hood so far and does everything.. She rides a bike and jumps on a trampoline and plays with her brother and sister as if there was nothing wrong. She is one the strongest people I had ever met.. Me on the other hand took so long to accept the fact in fear of so many things.. I have to say how much this website has helped me.I can't wait to read some of the fantastic stories to my daughter. Where we are we never see anyone with the same situation as her and for what it's worth she handles everything just fine.. I am so proud of her and wouldn't change a thing. I used to be so scared of her getting surgery but after reading everyone story I feel so much better. I would really like to go see DR PALEY.. After reading all these wonderful stories about him,I would love to get a second option.. I would like to thank you to everyone and best of luck to everyone.


Hello everyone, after reading all these posts and meeting new people with the same thing that my daughter has helped me soo much.. I am so happy and it has really changed my outlook on all this.. The very best thing also is that I found Dr Paley through all of you.. I am going to take Brandi to see Dr Paley in April and I am so happy with that.. Thank you to everyone for sharing there stories.. I am so greatful...
Thank you