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My son Zach has pffd on his right leg. We met with Dr. Davidson on 5/6 and we now have a timeline for his first surgery. Zach needs an inch orthodic list (which i am attempting to accomplish) and he will have two surgeries. The first surgery is to be when he is between 4 -5 years old. Its definately different. i see my little man walking on one set of tippy toes but boy does he move. i really want to get him sandals for the summer but really dont know if i can being he needs a lift. I'm going to try. can anyone share as to what i can expect now that he is moving?


My son Zachary was born with PFFD. He has just under an inch difference with his right leg. I am seeing an orthopedic doctor close to where I live but an concerned that he has not seen enough of this to really help him. I have contact Dr. Paley but now he is moving to Florida and well that is quite far for me. Does anyone know of any doctors in the Jersey area that might specialize in this? I will go to Chop. They did a wonderful job on my daughter's capular hymangeoma. Also should I be concerned that he is almost 9 months old and not crawling?

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