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My sweet 6 year old Kayla

Okay. So i have finally worked out a plan with my daughters doctor (she has seen her for the past two years and is amazing). We call it the sit and wait game!!! I love it. We were told early on that Kayla wouldn't walk roll over or crawl. They were all wrong. My daughter is very stubborn ( don't know where she gets it from-lol). When she wants to do something you had better hope that you are a part of it or you will have to clean up the outcome of whatever project she has gotten into her head. She would sit and watch my son running circles around her and stealing toys silently.

My lovely 4 year old

My daughter was diagnosed at birth with what we thought was a femur fracture. She was not in pain and that made the doctors and surgeons wonder about thier diagnoses. It took us almost a year to finally get a definitive answer on what was really going on with Kayla. After three long drives to childrens hospitals the Shriners hospital in Kentucky told us the news. It felt great to finally be able to understand what was happening and not happening to my little girl. On the other hand I was completely devistated. How was she going to get through this and how was I going to be able to fully support her and make some of the hard decisions that the doctors said would await me in her future? I wondered and worried constantly if I had in somehow harmed her while in utero.

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