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Nicholas Upcoming Superhip at age 6

Hi Everyone,

Offensive material posted by another person- don't click on them

I hope the offensive posts are removed....knowing it is likely spam and perhaps has a virus, I hope no one clicks on it.....Not sure how to requesst removal...if anyone knows, please request moderator to delete it asap. Thanks.

Finding Answers! The experts have responded!

Since a prior post I have gotten more information. I am feeling so much better. Thank you to those who have assisted! Insurance covers all "in network" docs the same, so if we use an out of state one (Dr. Paley or Dr. Herzenberg, for example) the out of pocket is the same as if we continue with doctor at UNC. Dr. Paley has numerous videos posted on his site at under the conditions page, and Sinai Hospital's site (Int'l limb lengthening center) has a lot of helpful patient tips about treatment etc.

Nicholas age 5 facing decision lengthening or? Need your help

Hi Nicholas is 5 /12 unilateral pffd. Was never told classification and only got estimate descrepancy form doctor at last visit when we pressed- 20 cm. Have been seeing unc hospital pediatric orthopeadics and had 2 hip surgeries: Osteotomy I believe. Have had many unanswered questions. Don't know where to start or how to get proper support to address choices, consequences of choices and what we need to consider psychologically for him as well as estimated logistics (if we go to Dr. Paley in FL, how long will we be there, what will it cost, does insurance cover all doctor costs similarly?

Pants with short left leg available for boy toddler (2T-3T etc).

My son has outgrown a lot of pants, and I hate to "throw them out" I sewed the left leg so it is a few inches shorter. Nicholas has bilateral pffd, left leg. Does anyone have a young boy could use his "hand me downs"--pants. All are in excellent conditon, very gently worn. All the other clothing can go to family members and others but the pants! I'll be happy to send if they could have a new home.

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