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89th birthday

I just turned 89 and am looking forward to my 90th.

History of PFFD

Does anyone know when the first case of PFFD was discovered?

88th Birthday

I just celebrated my 88th birthday. I am still quite active. I am permanently wheelchair bound but as long as I can still drive and get around that is all that counts!!


Hi, seeking advice. My daughter has PFFD. We chose not to amputate her foot, deciding that she could make that choice on her own. She is 13 now, and is considering it...I'm am wondering if anyone has experience with this and can give insight on what to expect in regard to recovery, phantom pain, mobility, etc. thank you!


I am 32 years old and have pffd, had Symes procedure at age 3 and have worn a prosthesis ever since. I am a nurse, very active person but here recently I have had problems with finding soneone to make me the appropriate prosthesis. I currently have the C leg. Anyone with any suggestions.


Hello people,

My Life as a PFFD


I am writing this to share the life of a disabled person, specifically a PFFD, prior to WWII who grew up in the 30s. Life was different and medicine, knowledge and sophisticated equipment were not available as in today’s world. A month after I was born, which would be about February or March of 1931, I was whisked away to a hospital to ascertain the problem related to my right leg - hip. X-rays revealed no head to the femur and no hip socket. There were no known cases to compare. I was told later there was one other a female who died before her 12th birthday.

Insurance Hoops to jump through

Hello, I just found this group yesterday. My daughter was born in 1991 in St. Louis with the most severe level of PFFD, so she has, roughly speaking, an above-the-knee prosthetic. We were very very happy Shriners patients until she aged out of the system. We now live central Illinois and cannot find any prosthetist nearby that can help with a new leg. We found someone at the Rehab Institute in Chicago who is wonderful and very experienced. Unfortunately, our insurance denied our request for a new leg because the doctor is not in our area of service.

About our Prosthosis

I created a page about Prosthoses here http://www.pffd.org/prosthosis.htm. Hope you find it useful.


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