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New to this site looking for people to talk to.

I'm new to this site and i just happen to be doing a little research on my PFFD. Trying to learn what is and just curious if there were other people out there like me. I'm 33 years old, I have Bilateral PFFD and really don't know to much about it. I also like alot of other people went to Shriners hospital. I started going there i believe around the age of 3. I am 4'10 my left leg is shorter than the other and of course i walk with a limp. i have a twin brother who does not have anything wrong with him. My story is almost the same as everyone, growing up I was picked on as a kid, but for me it wasn't really long b/c i noticed that i was so much stronger thans, that i used that as a way to coup. So i kind of was a bully growing up. I always did anything I wanted to do such as playing basketball. I wish i knew about this site or if there are other sites earlier, from what I see we can use to speak with other's that are going throught the same thing. And it would have made things i think easier growing up. Just looking for people to talk to who can relate to what i have been through.