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Genium bionic leg

My life is so hectic, sometimes i can't really find time for anything
but i want to take sometime and write about my Genium also know as the X2 in some country's
here's a reference link:

I think the best word to describe my genium is reliable, there's certainly a lot of bells and whistle's
built up inside this prosthetic, but the main feature i find that helps is how slow the knee bends when you
need it, my old knee i had to constantly keep moving and there was good risk of falling at times
but the with the G it controls how you move and locks up giving you time to adjust i'm not sure
how much the microprocessor comes into play with all this but its just amazing when you see it
all come into play.

Some of the things i like are that getting in and out of my car is a breeze
since the Genium has a sitting down mode automatically i don't really
have to do anything but sit down which took some time getting used to
because my old knee i had to bend it in a certain angle to sit down,
and getting back out is just walking out of the car.

There's also the remote which can tell me battery life and give me a quick reading
of how the leg is doing, i usually leave it locked away since the leg has a quick change
option that can accessed by putting pressure on your foot in a sequence that can be
programmed by the computer by your Prosthetic's Practicon; the leg has a mode
to leave it straight so you can put your shoes easier.

There's a whole lot of amazing things this knee can do if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message :)