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Old Photos

I've been meaning to post some photos ever since the facility became available on this site.
So here some are at long last. I'll never cease to be surprised looking back at old pics, thinking things like, "was i really that small once?" Also looking at me with both legs is a bit weird, as it's nearly 21 years since I had my right leg amputated above knee, I find it hard to remember having it and running around like a typical kid.
The first photo is the earliest one i have of me, it was taken at some point early in my life whilst in hospital. I weighed only 2lb 5oz's, approx. 3 months premature, i spent the first 8 months of my life in hospital as I'd been put up for adoption from birth.
That photo was taken by the paediatrician who became involved in my case shortly after my birth. Unfortunately he couldn't remember later in life when exactly that one was took. All the other photos in hospital were taken at later visits to him with my foster mum to check my progression.
I was collected from a hospital when i was 8 months old by my foster mum. That was my one and only foster placement as my mum and dad kept me and i was adopted at 4 years old.
They have been the greatest, most loving, supportive parents anybody could possibly have asked for.

I turned 30 a few months ago, that all seems such a long time ago.

Dave Bailey :-)


You may want to check out my blog. Our conditions are similar and I too have cute baby pictures! It is amazing how long ago all the surgeries, doctors and therapies were.

Thank you for sharing. It is always great to hear of the success stories!