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Mosely Device

Hi Everbody,
We have a 2 year old daughter with PFFD type C on her left leg. She is active and her PFFD does not slow her down in any way. Currently she is wearing a conventional prosthesis. We were wondering about the Mosely device. Is it made by a specific company or can any prosthetic clinic make it. It seems like everybody that uses it has good results with it.

Every case is unique. For some, amputation may be the best option. For others lengthening or lifts. To use a Moseley device your daughter needs to have the knee and lower muscle/bone structure able to support weight. In some PFFD cases the foot or lower leg may be missing bones. You'd need to talk to a physiatrist or the like to let you know if it would work. Also, in theory, the ankle of the shorter leg should be close to the knee of the longer leg. In our case its not quite that much of a discrepancy, but close.

There is no company that I know of that mass produces the device and I believe that any GOOD orthoticist or prostheticist can make one. When we called Moseley he said we could travel to California and he could make the device for us - however - his recommendation was to use a local provider. I think it is good advice because with an Prosthosis like the Moseley device and a growing child there are little adjustments to make over time to make sure that they stay comfortable. Working with someone local who can make those adjustments makes life a lot easier.

We've been using an orthoticist in DesMoines who specializes in dual-structure carbon fiber orthotics. You can read about it in the article Some thoughts on children's PFFD prothetics

Does anyone have contact information (i.e. phone numbers, mailing addresses, or URL's) for a practitioner or technician that can provide a Moseley device?

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Hi! My daughter, who is 2 1/2 also uses the mosely device. I received some info. from rar (who also responded to you)'s great advice! I think the device is awsome, and once you find the right person to make it, they should be willing to make it work for you. As rar said, it's not right for everyone. Sami is a class D. So far, it's working fine, but we're still working out the kinks. I got the DVD from Mark Mosely and spoke with him as well. Good luck...and good job asking questions and keeping an open mind!


How is it possible to get a DVD on the Mosely device?