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Julian's New shoes

My son Julian is 13 months and was diagnosed to have Bilateral PFFD and Fibula Hemomila in both legs. He also had a club foot which was corrected by surgery in this past October.

This month we were told that Julian can have regular shoes and that a brace will be made for his feet to fit both sneakers and sandals. We are excited as can be since he is moving from these awful AFO's that went to his knees to braces that fit inside actual shoes. Our Physical Therapist and Orthotic will be adding a lift to his right shoe since it is about 2.5 inches shorter than the left.

We live in the Atlanta area and our doctor's at the Children's Hospital is wonderful. I don't know what we would have done without them.

If there is anyone that would like to contact us please do. I would love to talk to others that are going through similar situations.

Julian's mommy
Emily Guerra