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People Magazine - July 21, 2008 article featuring Lily Stiernagle and Maya Albert

I just read about this article today in Sheila's post, and now just mentioned in Angela's, and was wondering if there was any online method of viewing this as i'm in the UK and i don't think we get that magazine here?
It might be that a kind person may be able to scan it an email me it maybe. Be interesting to see it.
I'm sure such an article brings national coverage of a condition that i'm sure most people still haven't heard of.


Dave Bailey


I am going to get the magazine tomorrow and if you want I can try to scan it and email to you, Dave. Just would need to know your email--


Hi Dave:
Just read your post.
I have a scanner at work I would be happy to email the article to you just sed me your e-mail address.

Hi Dave ~

I am Lilly's dad and have the copy of the article in a scanned in form, I can also mail to you a copy of the magazine if you would prefer? We were happy with the article, and were hoping to get the word out about PFFD and this website to communicate with others as we are not familiar with many others with bilateral Aitkens class D PFFD. We met the Albert family through this site and have exchanged visits twice a year, we go to their home in March or April and they vist us in the summer months.

Take Care!

Bryant Stiernagle


I have the People magazine article scanned in that I could sned. I am not sure how to post it here though. If whomever would like it could email me your direct email address, I would be happy to send it and share it.

-The Stiernagle's

Are you the same David with a My Space account, where you talk about your PFFD?? if so i have been trying to contact you!! your pic looks so much like my daughters! but she has full loss of both arms...I can't believe we are not alone!.you can see her group on facebook...An Angel With no Wings...if you feel so inclined, please contact me!

thanks so much for your time....i have the magazine...i could figure out a way to scan it for you....i don't have a scanner, but i'm sure i can find one, it was great!


Do you know the name of the article?

Thanks Jenny, i look forward to taking a look.

Dave Bailey