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My daughter Kayla was born with her right leg missing just above her knee. We were told it was ABS(amniotic band syndrome) but after the MRI they said it was pffd. i would love to talk to others about pffd and how they are dealing with it.


Congratulations on the birth of Kayla! When was she born? My daughter, Sami, has pffd affecting her left leg. She is 4 1/2 years old. She has not had any surgeries and wears a prosthetic. She does everything any other child does. She's you'll find as you read about other and hear from them. Pffd will not slow your child down...and likely will make them "stronger." Enjoy Kayla and research options that will work for your family. There is no right/wrong decision, and there are several options.

My son was born 5 years ago with a simular condition. The doctors believed for 6 months it was ABS but then when we started our Shriners visits they confirmed PFFD. He is doing wonderful, last year we did a knee fusion and fitted him for his first prostetic with a knee joint. He now plays T-ball and soccer and loves every minute of it. Turner asks why he has to be different but he is starting to understand.
Kayla will amaze you and others with how well she does. If you ever need to talk please contact me any time