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I need help with growth charts!!

My family Dr. and pediatrtian are trying to figure out the best way to track Brooke's growth and weight. She is a bilateral, so I am in the hunt for...or how other bilaterals, have been measured and weighed......HELP!


My daughter Jess is also bilateral. We went with the normal weight chart that we use in the UK. We never really worried about the height, it wasn't an issue. I did have her weighed religiously though and she followed the 25th centile, then dropped to the 9th. This worried me but the doc said we would watch her weight over a period of time. We did and she consistently stayed there. What they should be looking for is a consistent pattern. Don't worry about the centile numbers, people can get worried and hung up on numbers, look at the lines and pattern. If you do want to track height you could do her sitting height from her pelvis to head or lying down but again watch the pattern not the numbers. Hope that helps. X

As an adult I am 4'8", but I'm not telling my weight. I remember as a child when I was in the 6th grade age (10-11) I was wearing a size 6x and my mother had to hem it. I have an identical twin sister who does not have PFFD and she has always been head and shoulders taller than me. Hopefully that will give you a little help. Just remember I didn't come from tall parents , my Mother was 5'2" and my Father was 5'7".

Just a piece of advice from someone with bilateral PFFD who has struggled with weight issues. Definitely try and keep it down. It makes such a huge difference in terms of mobility and pain management.

What our peditrician did was no different then our other children's records. Lilly's was unique as she was never able to give a percentage to height and weight as she could with the others, but as long as she was healthy and happy, no number was stressed over.

If you would like, I could pull our 6 1/2 yr. old daughters records and send them to you so you and your pediatrician have a bit more info to campare to...

Just send me an email...


Jenny!!! that would be amaizing!!! I sent you another message... But it's taking me awhile to figure this site We just got back from Alberta Children's Hospital. Her therapist and other specialists, are trying to figure ot how to support her ankle when she walks. I know that Lilly is lso missing the same bones as Brooke.. is she also missing her outer akle bone?? if so, how is does she walk with splints?.. or some type of support?


Brooke's Dr. is wonderful... we have used the "normal chart" and we are just following her own growth curve. I just didn't know if maybe there was a "special" chart that other pediatritians have used to follow bilaterals. Thanks for all your info!