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She made it to the top - Mt Kinabalu

Further to my post a few days ago, Emma SMS me earlier today and said 'yes I made it'. So how's that to be standing at the top of Mt Kinabalu, age 13 with PFFD and a prosthetic leg with your school mates! Yes I do know that there are a number of disabled mountain climbers with prosthesis ... but when it is your own child born that very special day not so long ago, and you've really wondered (and worried) about their lives, and the opportunities they will get (or you think they will have to fore-go when they were born), it is still pretty darn neat to hear her say 'yes I made it'. Have a great weekend all...


It is so great to hear about your daughter! My 11 month old with PFFD/FH will be undergoing amputation of her foot soon. It's very encouraging to hear about your daughter, you must be so proud of her!