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Life Is busy

Hello all and just a quick note to say that I have been so busy with all the kids home for the summer I have had no time to sit down and relax....THANK GOD school started today. All but one and he starts tomorrow. I will be glad to get back to a "normal" day if that possible. Well I have missed talking to some of you. Take care and chat please.


Hello all....As usually things here are busy but we are happy to say that we all are looking forward to Christmas. It like the little things we dont think much about. My son who is 16 now put the tree up for me this year and my 14 year old daughter put all the decorations on. I haven't been feeling well and the turn on the cold weather seems to do a number on me. I am blessed with a hubby who lets me move slow and takes up my slack. Thankfully I am here all day and can take my time doing the everyday things. I miss being able to climb and put all the pretty lights up but sometimes we just have to say not this time. I am not a quitter so not doing is also been a battle for myself. I am happy that God is the reason for the season and He is the most important part of our lives. Our church is having a wonderful program and I am mom, my hubby is dad and my daughter is my daughter, then I have a stand in for a son cause my son is a Wise Man. Well that whats happening here and I hope to hear from you all soon. It is always important to hear from others. Up till when I got on this site I didn't know there was anyone else in the world who had the same condition I have......God is wonderful and he made all of us right....while the "normal" people think they are the plan. WEll Merry Christmas to all and I hope you find lots of love and happiness this season....