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Leg pain

Hello my daughter will be 2yrs old this Friday, she has Bilateral PFFD. She used to stand up a lot & would walk assisted but the last few months she seems to have pain in her legs. She won't hardly stand anymore or try to walk assisted. She says her legs hurt! She does however do her bear crawl on her hands & feet. I have asked the Dr about it & he says there isn't any reason she should be hurting & X-rays show nothing. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this as well. I don't get on here often but I will try & make a point to check it more! You are more then welcome to email me at . Thanks so much, hope you all have a blessed rest of the week & Labor Day weekend!!

Tasha Morrow
Mother of Payten (Bilateral PFFD)

Hello I am 35yo woman with Bilateral PFFD. I am full functioning in both legs. However, I do remember in elementary school I experienced excruciating leg cramps and spasms all around the femur part and the pain would shoot down to the back of my calf's. During the episodes it was very hard for me to stand and I would need someone to carry to and from the bathroom, while crying the entire time. The pain used to last me only a couple of days and occurred every month or so. During that time my mother allowed me to stay home and gave be warm baths with Epsom salt and some Tylenol. I am pretty sure with modern day technology there has to be some other solutions to this problem.

I always had some pain. However around 7th grade it was very bothersome and by 10th grade it was unbearable. I was told to lose weight so my hip would work less. I did and the pain still continued to increase. Then I was told it was arthritis and I was given meds that tore up my stomach. An ortho doc finally noticed that I abducted to swing my prosthesis forward. The PT confirmed that I had an odd range of motion. The doc had a series of x-rays done with my leg abducted slightly and found that the head of the femur was higher than it should have been. It was striking the pelvis when I walked. I had a surgery to correct it, but it never healed. It did reduce my pain and increase my range of motion in my hip.