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I'm the mom of a 16 month old little boy who was born with PFFD in both legs. The doc here in Ohio told me to just wait and see what happens, while Dr. Paley in West Palm Beach, FL told me he could straighten out his hips and ankles, but told me he couldn't lengthen his legs. I'm afraid to go through with surgery...anyone worked with Dr. Paley? If so what was the outcome?




My daughter is 17 months and has PFFD on both legs. We too have been told to wait and see. She currently is walking with help has a shoe lift for one leg. I, too have concerns about doing surgery on her. I have come to peace with just letting her grow for now. I am not ready for the lengthy recover process. You are more than welcome to email me if you want. Tammy :)

My daughter is 5 with Bilateral , the doc on chicago didn't give us much options. Dr. Paley seemed more knowledgeable, we are scheduling surgery for lengthening with him . I researched him and everyone that used him spoke highly of him. When we were there , I spoke with one of his patients , she is been his patient for 20 years and she said she wouldn't change anything. I want my daughter to have options more than the docs in Chicago offered. I know exactly how you feel, we have to make the decisions that our kids have to live with for the rest of their lives. Research and read ,good luck with everything.
Our prayers with your family.

I have heard really good things about him but we take our daughter to Shriner's in Lexington, KY. They are very familiar as well with this and do lenghtenings. we lived in southern ohio for 10 years before moving to WV