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Long time no see! Toms progression

Hey everyone, hope your all doing well and happy!
Just to let you know Tom is now nearly nine and is doing ever so well on his prosthetic leg!
He does everything all the other children do and describes himself as a normal child!
He is cheeky, a pain in the ass, plays footie , has many many friends, swims play mates, and has even managed to just about ride a bike!
We are all very happy for him aswell as his doctor Mr Monsell who is very pleased with Toms prognosis.
Tom point blank refuses to have any surgery( not that he is a prime candidate) as he feels his leg makes him special and doesnt stop him doing anything. And his "pirate" legs are pretty cool!
We always wanted to push for surgery as we thought being good parents we had too. But i am glad we didnt as his life is full and happy the way he is!
So good luck to all of you whatever you choose to do!!!!
Love and peace Sally Wigley!
Ps gotta go now Tom and his sister are kicking off an arguement!

Can you let me know what option you chose or is he just wearing a prosthetic over his own leg and foot?