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Dealing with Insurance company denials for orthotics

I am an HR professional searching for solutions for one of my employees whose dependent child has PFFD. The health insurance carrier has denied the shoe lifts for the patient. We are going to start the appeals process since the insurance company policy wording states that, for reasons that are totally beyond me, only patients with a diagnosis of diabetes qualify for shoe lifts, even those who have PFFD. Go figure.

Adult with PFFD....Doctor search

My daughter is 23 and suffers from PFFD. She was a Shriners patient until the age of 20. She received various suregeries to help with her length and up until a few years ago wore a 1/2 inch built up. For the past year she has began to complain of sever pain in her hip joint (which we were informed by Shriners, would eventually need surgery/replacement).. and has become quite debilitating. We live in Alabama and are searching for a doctor specializing in her condition. We have yet to find anyone.

Pregnant with son with unilateral pffd, fibular hemimelia, and club foot

I am currently 6 months pregnant with a boy. His right femur is half the length of his left femur. He only has one bone in his lower leg, and club foot on both feet. My doctor here in Tulsa has never seen anything like this and doesn't know what to say but "let's wait and see". I have two other children (age seven and four), and every time I see them running, jumping, or climbing, I wonder if my youngest will ever do those things. I haven't told anyone about his condition except my husband. I don't think either of my parents will handle it well.

Online PFFD chat March 15

Quick reminder - the monthly chat is Thursday March 15 at 8 PM. This chat is specifically for conditions such as Congenital Femoral Deficiency (aka pffd) and Fibular Hemimelia.

For more info, or for the password, please contact icll (at) lifebridgehealth.org . PLEASE be sure to give a brief description of your child (age, diagnosis and treatment type thing) so that we know you aren't one of the spam emails we have been getting lately.


Toeing in

I am interested in finding out if anyone that has had the Van Ness Rotation surgery has problems with thier leg toeing-in while walking. I have always heard that the Van Ness Rotation de-rotates, but today a doctor told me that my toeing-in is at my hip and my hip has arthritis. I am not convienced. I get so frustated when you go to the doctors and they don't touch you, watch you walk maybe 12 feet, and look at a couple x-ray. Which I might add were taken while I was weight bearing, completely different from other x-rays in the past.

PFFD online chat February 16

Quick reminder - the monthly chat is Thursday Feb 16 at 8 PM.

For more info, or for the password, please contact icll (at) lifebridgehealth.org .

Dr Herzenberg and Standard should both be there.

shoe lifts

My 17 month old boy, Isaac, has a 1 inch shoe lift. Just wondering if anyone who has used shoelifts goes to a specialist that makes lifts specifically for people with pffd? The man we have gone to for lifts has never made one for a child before and also, he only makes them typically for people with very minor discrepencies. Any advice on this subject would be appreciated , thanks, Katie

Fighting For A Dream!! (For anyone who needs a pick me up)

Hey, My name is Megan Miner....I wrote my story about 3 years ago when I joined and decided it was time to re visit this site and update yall on all the exciting stuff thats happened to me since i left yall for about 2 years. For those who don't know my story, I'll give you the cliff notes version. I am bilateral, class D. When I was a little, the doctors wanted to amputate both of my feet and one doctor Dr. Tosi refused. She said she had a gut feeling that if she moved the mucsles around in my feet that maybe something extrodinary could come out of it.

PFFD online chat on Thursday January 12

Quick reminder since most of the details are in previous posts. The next chat on PFFD / CFD and Fibular Hemimelia is this coming Thursday. Dr. Standard from the International Center for Limb Lengthening will be hosting this week. This is a great opportunity to ask a very experienced limb lengthening surgeon questions, and even have him review x-rays if you would like.

For more info please contact icll (at) lifebridgehealth.org and give us enough background info that we know this is a 'legitimate' congenital limb differences request (vs the "I just want to be taller" requests we also get).

Daughter born 10/10/11 with Unilateral PFFD

My daughter was born with unilateral PFFD. It wasn't caught on any ultrasounds, so we were quite surprised when she was born. She is such a delightful little girl and perfect for our family. We're excited to find a community of others with PFFD to learn from and share with. I've started a blog to chronical our journey. Please feel free to visit: www.Elsiesleftleg.blogspot.com

We'd love to hear any comments or advice as we are just at the beginning of the journey. Thanks!


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