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My appointment Dr. Paley

Hey everyone its been awhile since I've been on the website, anyways let me tell you alittle bit about my self I am a 22 years old female with my left leg amputeed. When I was 1 year old I was I got my first surgery. and after that I was told that nothing else could be done to make me walk better, well that was what my parents said. All doctors always said to me and my parents that my condition is so rare that alot of the doctors didn't want to miss with it. I finally found out about Dr. Paley that he was moving right around the corner from me. I called and set an appointment.

21 year old with PFFD

Hi my name is Yesenia, I am on here because I want to see what people have accomplied or done to make them walk better. I been learning lightly alot these days about my condition, never really wondered or cared sadly. I just learned not to learn ago that I have PFFD, when I was about 1 1/2 year old I was amputeed on my left foot so that they can make a stump out of it. I wear a Prosthesis. I've been seeing alot of doctors trying to see if there is any chance that either a total hip or artificial hip could be done. I tell you it is tough even in how the economy is right now.

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