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Wheel chair

My daughter has a prosthesis, but sometimes chooses to use her wheelchair. Is using a wheelchair common for people with PFFD? My daughter is 8 yrs. old. Thank you!


Hi Libbi,

My daughter also uses a wheelchair. She doesn't have endurance for long distances so she uses her wheelchair. She also uses it at school when traveling in the hall between classes. This is for safety reasons in case the floor is slippery or to prevent getting knocked over by other students. We had been using the big black standard wheelchair that the hospital gave us. But just a couple weeks ago, she got a new "cute" model that she can push herself. It's a Zippie Zone and she loves it.

Beth :-)

Thanks, Beth! I have never seen a story about wheelchair use...I wanted to make sure we weren't doing something that would set her back. But, it does help with endurance issues!

We do the same thing. My daughter is 9 yrs old.