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Bilateral PFFD

I am a 38 year old woman with bilateral pffd. Both are Aitken class D
My legs have about the same length.
When I was four my parents decided that I had to have rotation surgery on both legs so that I could wear prosthesis. After the operation my legs and feet stopped growing and my shoe size is still a 12, 5 childs zize.

Unfortunally I did never succeed in using the prosthesis becaue I have no hip I decided to walk on my natural feet. I have a very waddling gait but that is not a problem for me.
I can walk short distances in and around the house without support. Outside I walk with two short crutches or use a wheelchair.



Hi, Steph! Thanks for posting!

I'm 30 years old and also have BPFFD. As a child, I had met several other kids with PFFD when I had my leg lengthening, but none with BPFFD. I've never actually met another person with this condition face to face, and I had never really heard about anyone else with it until I found this site. It's so nice to hear other people's stories!

I had a three inch difference that was lengthened when I was 11. It's a decision that I regret. As a result of the lengthening, I had complications with my left foot (that was the tibia that was lengthened) that resulted in further surgery and me still having to wear a shoe lift. I broke that ankle several years ago after falling off my porch (it's a long story), and now I wear a brace as well.

Like you, I can walk short distances around my house or classroom (I teach high school) unaided, but I use crutches for anything beyond that. If longer distances are involved (i.e., going to the mall, a museum, etc.), I use a wheelchair.

Please feel free to write back here or send me a private message!


Dear Linda,

Thank you for reacting.
I also have never seen or had contact a woman with the same condition. Nice to hear from you.

I also regret that my parents decide to let doctors fiddle on my legs.
They reversed both my feet. An orthopedic surgeon told me a couple af yaers ago that he could "undo" this situation but I rember the pain and the complications of the operations as a child. No way!
Besides, I live for more than 30 years with this condition and I am used to it.
The only thing that botherd me for years that people always stared at me. Especially when I was a teenager i felt very embaressed to show myself in public. I cosidered myself as a freak.
Over the years I learned to accept myself as I am and my irritation about the stares dissapeared.

I would be very interested to see pictures of you. As, like I said, I have never seen a woman with BPFFD too.