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I forgot to attach pictures of how I look nowdays.


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you are a very lovely lady and i'm sorry you had to go through that experience. i guess my point was more that as a parent- i don't know if you have kids- people make decisions for their kids. and really, most parents are just trying to do their best. not only do the parents have to decide, right? then you have to get a Dr to do things right (i'm not saying your Dr didn't). so my point is that most people- if they have loving parents- understand that their parents TRIED to do the best. and that's all a parent can do.
so... how are you doing? do you have trouble getting around? you're beautiful, though. no matter which way your feet are pointing. rotationplasty gets a lot of negative attention sometimes, i hear.

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Dear Jen,

Sorry for reacting so late. I had to think a long time if I would respond. Nice to hear that you think that I am beautiful with my feet pointing backwardsbut I consider myself as a freak thoug.

About parents. Of course my parents ment the very best for me but they did not realise that the disfigured me for the rest of my life when I had no idea what was comming up to me! Without the rotationplasty operations (which were very, very painfull) I still had two short legs but, despite being short, and could have ambulated in a much more natural manner with or without crutches. Imagine yourself with my configuration of legs!
We do not have kids. I think that caring for of kids is way of my possibilities

But...... over the years I got used to my condition.
I can walk in and around our house short distances without external support. For shopping in the nabourhood I use two short underarm or elbowcrutches. For going ta a mall or going out I had two cosmetic artificial legs made that conceal the stark nature of the freakisch nature of my handicap when I wear a long skirt or throusers when I use my wheelchair. I can not walk on them of course. O dear, how sad, never mind any more.

Dear Jen, thanks again for reacting, hugs, Steph.

PS: I hope to hear from you again soon.