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Fighting For A Dream!! (For anyone who needs a pick me up)

Hey, My name is Megan Miner....I wrote my story about 3 years ago when I joined and decided it was time to re visit this site and update yall on all the exciting stuff thats happened to me since i left yall for about 2 years. For those who don't know my story, I'll give you the cliff notes version. I am bilateral, class D. When I was a little, the doctors wanted to amputate both of my feet and one doctor Dr. Tosi refused. She said she had a gut feeling that if she moved the mucsles around in my feet that maybe something extrodinary could come out of it. Well, at 5 years old, I had a life changing surgery, and took my first steps while pushing a toy baby stroller while my sister and I played. Ever since then I was determined to defy odds and prove people wrong.

I'm 22 now, and fresh out of college. I hope to be a certified Child Life Specialist one day..but my main goal in life has been to kids with disabilities, or anyone thats ever been different that dreams can come true no matter what obstacles or limitations are thrown in our way...we gotta plow on through ans show people what we CAN do. I'm a singer and I won't stop chasin that dream till I have that Grammy in my hand.

I have been fighting for this dream for years and finally auditions that I knew i couldn't miss started poppin up everywhere! I honestly auditioned for the hit TV show GLEE 2 years ago to be a new cast member and made the TOP 25 OUT OF MILLIONS!!!! :) :) :) It was SUCH a fun experience and I recieved so much support and even got fan mail..which was pretty cool! :) I have auditioned for countless gigs and last big concert was a benefit performance for terminally ill kids. My most proudest moment was this past november though. I auditioned for Americas Got Talent, and knocked their socks off. People crowded around me sayin how nice it was that someone as different and small as me when out there and did something that made a huge impact to a lot of people. I feel that a lot of people opened their eyes that day and took in a whole new meaning of chasin a dream. I find out in March if I make the next round so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! :)

Listen, I wanted to share this because I want all of you to know that we're special in every way and don't let anything stop you or bring you down. If you're struggling dealing with PFFD, I hear ya. I know it hurts I know its an extremely difficult thing to go through....I know how cruel the public eye can be. But!!!! keep your head up because its gonna be ok :) Just stay true to how you are, love yourself no matter what, and never lose your beautiful smiles! We're all tough tough cookies!!! :)

Sending hugs,


Megan, you star!!!
Your such a positive bundle of energy. I wish you all the best with your singing, that is so exciting, America's Got Talent. I've seen you singing on your facebook page, such a great voice. I'm Sorry I haven't checked in with you for ages...oops!
I'm sure you would have been knock out on Glee, final 25 is a real accomplishment though.

All the best,
Dave xx

That is so awesome!
I am also 22 with bilateral PFFD and this was such an inspiration to me! Thank you for a wonderful story :)

God Bless you...You are proving that a person can do anything they set their heart are an inspiration to all of us!!
Paul (By the way I'm 82)